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Buy Pentasol Powder (98g in 250 mL)


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Buy Pentasol Powder (98g in 250 mL) Online

Buy Pentasol Powder Online
Where to Order Pentasol Powder Online
You can order and buy Pentasol Powder safely from this site. We are the only reliable and legit online vendor of Pentasol Powder, pentobarbital (sodium) and other compounds. Beware of fraudsters and scammers. We offer genuine and the best quality Pentasol Powder at reasonable costs. Fast and Discreet Worldwide shipping. If you have any questions before or after purchasing Pentasol Powder from us, then get in touch with us by visiting our contact page on our website or write us directly on our email inquiries@nembutalhub.com. If you require another type or any other information that is not share on our website please go to the contact page or send us and email at inquiries@nembutalhub.com.

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What is Pentasol Powder?
Pentasol Powder is a Non-Sterile Powder.
When powder is reconstituted to 250 mL with water, each mL contains 392 mg sodium pentobarbital.
Highest potency of pentobarbital available which provides the most humane euthanasia possible. The sequence of rapid and painless euthanasia is as follows: Within seconds the animal loses consciousness and this stage rapidly progresses to deep anesthesia. A few minutes later both cardiac and respiratory activity cease and cerebral death ensues. Excellent “syringeability”. For use in all non-food animal species*. Economical: one 250 mL vial will humanely euthanize up to one hundred, 25 lb. animals. Potency guaranteed for 120 days after reconstitution.


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