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Bonsai “Eternal” Presved Moss, Natural Trunk , Natural rock


onsai Eternal Each bonsai is inspired by Japanese art and natural trees.


Bonsai “Eternal”
Each bonsai is inspired by Japanese art and natural trees.

They are perfect for any interior, giving it a unique atmosphere of a miniaturized tree under its roof.

Natural materials make each one unique and there will never be another one the same.

Handmade trees are carefully cared for every little detail so that their appearance resembles the world’s highest collection of live bonsai.

We are aware that each decor is individual, therefore the bases are made of natural rocks and we leave the choice of the pot to our client who will suit the color and weight according to their taste.

Height of this tree is 63cm (25inch)

Wide 74 cm (30inch)

Deep 40 (16inch)


– Natural rocks

– Natural roots

– Natural stabilized moss

You will receive exactly same tree as picture

III raw materials that make our art stay with us forever, rocks that have survived thousands of years, hundreds of roots and properly prepared moss so that it will retain its green color forever..

III Rules of care

-No fertilization

-No irrigation

-No clipping

-No watering

“The beauty of nature at Your fingertips created by the earth and matched by man “


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