how to use nembutal to die

how to use Nembutal to die

how to use Nembutal to die?  Nembutal is a proven, reliable drug that brings about a peaceful death

Nembutal is a proven, reliable drug that brings about a peaceful death. Almost no failures are known, despite large statistics (for example, the Swiss euthanasia organization Dignitas reported 840 exits with no single failure).

There are however reports on seemingly slow or painful deaths with Nembutal in capital punishment, although this may be due to poor quality of the drug from compounding pharmacies given intravenously rather than orally.

Nembutal is supposedly very difficult to obtain, as its sole remaining human use in most of the world is in liquid form for use as a sedative and anesthetic in hospitals. In Europe, it is even more scarce than in the US. Because of this, no brick-and-mortar or mail-order pharmacy sells Nembutal; any such site that claims to do so is likely fake.

Also, veterinary Nembutal is a liquid and not in pill form, which means that it has a shorter shelf life. On the other hand, Seconal (secobarbital), a short-acting barbiturate that is as powerful as Nembutal if not more powerful, is still available in capsule form in the USA and probably the UK.

However, it is very rarely, if ever, prescribed. Nembutal has a bitter taste that requires the use of anti-emetics to prevent vomiting when given orally at high dosages. As a practical matter, Nembutal can still be obtained by those who have a few (or several) hundred dollars and knowledge of what supplier to ask.

Specifically, the Peaceful Pill Handbook has a chapter, Obtaining Nembutal, with lists of trusted suppliers; updates to this list are made available to those who subscribe to the digital edition of the book. Availability changes rapidly though, and it is easy to be scammed.

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